A Woman's View

Friday, March 31, 2006

A New Prospective

The other day something made me a little mad and I just want vent a little...okay? I was leaving work on Wednesday (Coldwell Banker) and there is a new house for sale in Clinton, so it was 6pm and still light out I thought I'll go drive by. I have Peter on the phone and we are talking about the house and whatever. Well I get to the light at Tecumseh-Clinton Rd. and it is green so I sit with my little blinker on waiting. Well it turns yellow. Well we all know because I am first in line and my nose is out there I can clearly turn, but I see a car coming and I think I may have the right of way but she may go anyway. So I waited and the light turned red and she slowed down. So I start my turn and then out of no where she hits the gas and runs the red light! I slam on my breaks so hard everything in my car went flying. She starts screaming at me and raising her fist at me. I thought, okay get out of you car I'll fight you, ever take on pregnancy hormones lady...but I just sat there nicely and she went on and so did I, but then I felt this sweet little foot kick me and I was so angry that she almost hit me. It is was like I just realized, I am pregnant. I was so mad! I didn't get mad until then! Then I wanted to tell her off. I think I am going to have problems after she (the baby)comes. Is this just a first time mother thing or a mother thing? Well I feel a little better to get that out.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One of My Favorites

I love this picture. It melts my heart everytime I see it. I really could go on and on about it. I think its such a sweet moment. Well I thought I'd share. Thats Tanner, my dad and Russ if you didn't know.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006